Happy Cake focuses on delighting our customers through our customized cakes and bakes

Delighting our customers goes beyond just producing a lovely designed or delicious cake. We aspire to support our customers in creating beautiful moments and memories through every celebration - be it a small event to celebrate a milestone or significant occasion like newborns, 21st birthdays, anniversaries or corporate events. The Happy team is happy to be there for you.

Why Happy Cake?

Taste is subjective, and we will never boast about making the most delicious cake in Singapore. Instead, our mission is to support you in creating the best moment for your celebration. Here is how we approach it:

  1. Focus on the customer - We listen to your requirements and will partner with you to create the best bake for your celebration.
  2. Easy Sales Process - We make the process as easy as possible and have someone you can connect with if you need customization.
  3. Same Day Delivery - For selected bakes, we can fulfil the orders within 24 hours
  4. Less Sweet and Vegetarian Friendly - Our bakes are less sweet than most regular bakes, and we have eggless options available too

The Origination of Happy Cake

Happy Cake is created by a female founder and mother of two lovely kids. In raising the children, she understands that capturing every moment is essential. No matter how wealthy a person is, they can never buy time or turn back time. There is also a sense of urgency when she observes that not many people pay special attention to celebrating precious moments with their loved ones because most of us are so preoccupied with our day-to-day activities.

She hopes to spread and share the value of celebration with more people. And it just happened that there is an opportunity to work with a team of great bakers to deliver and communicate that value to all beloved ones.

The Happy team always seeks collaborations and suggestions to spread the happy values we advocate. So feel free to write to us at hello@happycake.sg, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.