Instead of the usual Happy Birthday message, why not try something different to express your best wishes to your loved ones? 

Below are some birthday quotes you can use or adapt to suit your context.

  1. Wishing you the largest slice of happiness today
  2. Count your life by smiles; count your age by friends! Have a great birthday!
  3. Another adventure-filled year awaits you. Wishing you a happy and fun-filled birthday
  4. Today is your birthday. Don't worry about becoming old, because you already are! Happy Birthday
  5. I shall not send you birthday greeting cards making fun of age. I know old folks are sensitive about age. Happy Birthday
  6. Happy Birthday! Don't think of it as getting older but instead, think of it as becoming a classic
  7. Sending you hugs and kisses as you celebrate your birthday. Have a wonderful day
  8. You are the greatest friend in the world... Ahem, but right after me, of course. Have a fantastic birthday, my friend.
  9. Birthdays are a new day to start fulfilling your dreams and pursuing your goals. May you continue to be courageous in life. Have a blessed birthday.
  10. Today is a fabulous day because you turned one year older today! Happy birthday!
  11. It's your day today, little buddy; you just turned one year older.
  12. The journey of life has just begun for you. Leave worries aside and enjoy your special day because today you just turned 18
  13. Happy Belated Birthday! I can't believe my message arrived a day later, but I hope you had a wonderful time. May you be blessed with happiness in the coming years.
  14. A little late but my birthday greetings come to you today with love and care. I hope you had a smashing birthday celebration.
  15. I wish you a healthful and cheerful birthday. May you continue to touch our hearts with your love and wisdom. Happy Birthday!

Do you have different ways of wishing your loved ones a happy birthday? Please drop us a comment!

November 05, 2022 — Happy Cake