When organising a birthday party for your child, most people seem to have the impression that size matters. A more oversized goodie bag, a multi-tiered birthday cake, and an unlimited buffet spread would be the best for your child's birthday party. You will soon realise that you need not throw such an extravagant party to make it memorable for your child. Worse, this can become an unhealthy competition among Singaporean Kiasu parents.

Below, we have listed four suggestions to create a meaningful birthday party for your child that they would remember for an extended period.


1. Prepare a goodie bag filled with your child's favourite items; do not focus on the goodie bag size. 

Include items like a toy your child loves— a small car toy from Tomica or a princess wand or stickers. Make it fun and create an activity so your child can play with friends. You can also include a snack that he can share with his friends. To make it more impactful, you can get your child to pack the bag with you and tell them that you specially made this for them.


2. Sweeten it up with a fun treat!

Before covid, many families throw big parties with a comprehensive selection of party food. However, the trend has now shifted to something more simple yet elegant. You can prepare a simple children birthday cake, desserts and mini bites. You do not need to break the bank for a yummy and satisfying treat. Suppose you want to be more creative; other than the usual cartoon character birthday cakes that you order from popular bakery shops, you can also order a less flamboyant art cake or Korean-inspired design cake. You can also engage a team, such as happy cake, to help with brainstorming.


3. Make thank you cards with your child

The marketing world is not bustling with the term, user experience. Similarly, you can beef up the birthday celebration with a personal touch by making thank-you cards for your kid's friends. This is a beautiful way of showing appreciation to your child's friends, and it is also a good way of teaching your child to be appreciative and thankful for their friends. In addition, self-made cards would keep the cost low, and it has a lot of meaning behind this celebration.


4. Add your child's favourite music or songs to liven up the atmosphere.

Playing music or songs during birthday parties is subtle, yet it has a powerful effect. Music bonds people, and you can engineer a sing-along session for your child while he passes the goodie bags to his friends. It would be even cooler if they started dancing. Use this opportunity to record videos and post them to reels or TikTok to capture beautiful moments.

November 19, 2022 — Happy Cake